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Angus Autumn Rise 400m2

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Autumn Rise Lawn Food 20kg

NPK 3-0-22+4MgO+3Fe+6CaO




A premium mini granule lawn fertiliser containing seaweed for healthy grass and soil.


Rate of application: 50g/m² in September/October when the growing season is past, the Potassium will harden the grass and set it up for a healthy winter - contains Iron, Magnesium and Calcium for enhanced grass colour, health and vigour.

A 20kg bag treats 400m²

Also available in 10kg bags [200m²] and 3.5kg bags [70m²]


Angus Horticulture's Premium Plus Turf Rise Lawn Care range has been especially formulated to give a programmed route to looking after all turf [particularly fine turf] using a combination of the best raw materials available. Trials with this range have shown enhanced green quality with a better health status and consequent reduction in disease. Each lawn feed product in the range contains seaweed for soil improvement as well as secondary elements for the very best results for your lawn.


This product can be applied through most proprietary lawn fertiliser spreaders - please read manufacturer's instructions for appropriate settings.

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